What A Proper Interior Design Does For The Value Of Your Home


The design of your home, specifically what is on the inside, can really influence its overall value. If you have a fantastic exterior, perhaps one that is admired by people driving by, they may not have the same opinion if they were to go inside. When realtors show houses, much of their work involves showing people room after room. If the interior of your home is bland, yet the exterior is fantastic, this is not going to help you sell your house anytime soon. You must remember that most people spend the vast majority of their time within the walls of a home and it must be something that they find appealing. This is one of many reasons that having a proper interior design for your home can truly improve its overall value.

Why Interior Design Matters When Appraising A Home

First of all, if you have a kitchen that was first built decades ago, complete with outdated cabinetry, it’s not going to be appealing to anyone that sees it. From the standpoint of valuation, the homes that have brand-new kitchens tend to have a much higher perceived, and actual, value. The same is true for any other room in your home. Your living room, bedrooms, family room, and especially your bathrooms can contribute to how valuable your home is after an assessment. That’s why people that pay interior designers and contractors to improve the interior of their home are likely to sell their house faster, and for a much higher price.

How Changing The Interior Design Of Your Home Can Backfire

There are circumstances where changing the interior design of your home can have the opposite effect. For example, if you are in a rural community, and you upgrade everything inside of your home with a more modernistic appeal, the people that would likely purchase your home due to its size and location will not want to live in a home that has this type of decor. Therefore, if you do improve the interior of your home, the way that you do it is also important. It can also affect the valuation of the home, causing you to potentially get a lower price for the home then you should. On the other hand, many people often custom build and custom design the interiors of their home, which is great for those that have the money, but it’s not great when it’s a very personal design that won’t appeal to the general market.

How To Ensure That Your Interior Home Improvement Project Increases Your Home’s Value

The best way to improve your chances of increasing the value of your home using an interior design professional is to make sure that they understand your local marketplace. They will have likely designed other homes, or rooms in other homes, and they will know what people in that community are looking for. It may cost thousands of dollars to use these professionals, but you may end up with tens of thousands of dollars in additional revenue from the sale of your home because of their expertise. It is important to evaluate each of these professionals in your community that provide interior design services, allowing you to choose the one that seems to get the best results for his or her customers. One of the things that an interior designer needs to keep in mind is helping the home stand out. Generic “apartment” furniture doesn’t make a home stand out from most other staging homes, so it’s important to go with something more distinct for the home. Eclectic furniture stores are good sources to purchase unique staging furniture that can be applied to nearly any home.

Does Improving Your Interior Design Cost A Substantial Amount Of Money?

In most cases, you can ensure that your cost for this type of project is well within your budget. It begins with getting estimates from different businesses. Find out what they would like to do, how much it will cost, and this will include the cost of their services and materials that will be used. This information can help you keep your costs down, and you will likely have money left over if you choose properly. If it does cost you a little more than you had budgeted, it just depends on the success rate of the interior designer when it comes to making homes that sell quickly.

Hiring an interior design professional is really the key to improving the value of your home. If you do have a new roof, siding, and fantastic landscaping all around your house, you still have to have an elegant interior. Even if you are not selling your home, you want to improve the way that it looks so you are more comfortable there. As long as you are working with a highly recommended interior design professional, they can help you improve the value of your home significantly by making changes that you will like and people purchasing your home will also find appealing.

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